Work Imovie Hd

Apple’s iMovie HD is a program you can use on your Mac.

Your Mac has a powerful video editing tool built right into the basic operating software–iMovie. The iMovie program puts sophisticated editing and effects tools at your fingertips, and allows you to create first-class-looking movies at home. The software is intuitive to operate, and once you have imported your raw footage from your digital recorder, you drag your shots into place with the mouse and manipulate them with a few clicks.


1. Open iMovie by clicking its icon. It is usually found in the dock.

2. Import your video by connecting your camera or recorder to the Mac using the cord that came with it and plugging the other end into a USB slot on your Mac. (Digital tape recorders must use a FireWire cable.) Click “Import All” and select a drive to store the video.

3. Click on the shots you want to add to your movie in the Events window, where your footage is stored, on the lower right. When the yellow box appears (which covers four seconds of footage), you can review the shot by running the cursor over it, and extend the yellow box to the left or right to include more of the clip. When you have selected what you want, click and drag your selection into the Project Window, on the upper left.

4. Click and drag your clips in the Project Window to put them in the order you want. Review them by running the cursor over them, or by pressing the space bar for playback. The movie in its current state will play in the monitor on the upper right.

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5. Double-click on a shot to change it. The clip inspector will appear. With this tool, you can raise or lower the audio, change the exposure or add special effects.

6. Add a voice-over by clicking the microphone icon. When the voice-over menu appears, use the mouse to move the microphone over the shot where you want the voice-over to start and click the shot. You will have a three-second countdown before the recording starts.

7. Click “Share” at the top of the screen and select one of the output choices to save your movie in a format suitable to upload to the Internet, as a QuickTime file or for viewing on devices.