The Xbox 360 needs an Internet connection for online gameplay; the faster, the better.

Wild Blue is high-speed Internet delivered by satellite. It will bring an Internet signal to your house if you live in a remote area where traditional dial-up, DSL and cable broadband are not available. Your type of Internet is important when playing games on Xbox 360 because a slow signal causes breaks in your game.

Online Gameplay

Xbox Live games require a high-speed Internet connection. A dial-up connection would be too slow to keep any of the games going effectively. You would get a lot of ‘freeze-ups’ and have to restart in the middle of games. Wild Blue has download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps compared to the dial-up average of 42 kbps. You can play any game capable of going online with Wild Blue.


If something blocks your signal, you won’t be able to play.

The weather plays a significant part in your signal quality using Wild Blue. If there is a lot of cloud cover, high winds or other things blocking your signal you might not be able to get online, or your game can be disconnected.

Game Ratings

Xbox has hundreds of games for you to play online. The games are rated by age groups: eC (Early Childhood), E (Everyone), E10 (Everyone 10+), T (Teen), M (Mature) and RP (Rating Pending). You should choose your games depending on your age, or the age of the player.


Some of the games that you can play online include “Call of Duty,” “Gatling Gears,” “Bad Company 2: Vietnam,” “RISK: Factions,” “Spare Parts,” “MicroBot,” “DeathSpank,” “Madden NFL Arcade,” “Hasbro Family Game Night,” “Battlefield 2: Modern Combat,” “Commander’s Challenge,” “MOH Airborne,” “Army of Two,” and “Need for Speed: Most Wanted.”