What Is Video Capture Hardware

Video capture hardware allows the user to upload analog or digital video to his computer and to convert to a digital video format or to make edits. Video capture hardware varies from low-end webcams to high-end products used in film production.

Computer Hardware

Types of Ports

Video capture hardware varies in the types of ports offered. Higher-end devices will feature multiple HDMI ports, as well as other analog and digital ports, whereas lower-end devices will offer mostly analog input ports.

Installation Types

Video capture hardware commonly act as plug and play devices and features an external box connected to the computer via USB. Other hardware (in the form of cards) must be fitted directly into the motherboard.


Video capture hardware facilitates the transfer of video from camcorders, VCR tapes, television signals, other computers and consoles, depending on the capabilities of the specific hardware devices.


Consumer vendors include Hauppauge, Pinnacle and KWorld. On the more professional, high-end scale, Multibridge meets film-making requirements.


When capturing video with capture hardware, users must have sufficient storage space, whether solid state, hard drives or optical storage.

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