What Is The Difference Between A Desktop & Workstation Computer

Desktop computers and those marketed as workstations use the same fundamental technologies. Workstations, however, are machines designed for users who demand powerful specifications, such as high-end computer-aided design (CAD) and video editing.


Certain computer users require their machines to have advanced capabilities such as the ability to install multiple processors or graphics cards. Various manufacturers have ranges of “workstation” PCs aimed at these users. They are usually more expensive than standard desktop PCs.


Workstation PCs usually come in larger physical cases than standard desktop computers, allowing a large quantity of internal devices to be installed. Most workstations have a high-end power supply to power additional components, and are fitted with advanced motherboards, which allow large quantities of memory (RAM) to be installed.


Some manufacturers now also sell laptop versions of their workstation ranges. These advanced laptops allow users to run their demanding software applications while on the road.

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