What Is The 3gp File Extension

What Is the 3GP File Extension?

The 3GP file format is a video and audio format that is used on cell phones with video capture support. The file is saved on the cell phone as .3GP and can be played in most 3G enabled phones.


The 3GP format is a compressed digital file, so when sending it to another phone or over the Internet, it doesn’t take up much bandwidth.


On a computer, a user can directly playback a 3GP file format with VLC Media Player, Apple Quicktime Player and Real Player.


To convert a 3GP file to something you can import into an editing program, use MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP Converter.


Windows Media Player 11 cannot play 3GP. If using Media Player is a user’s only option to play the 3GP cell phone format, then they should ensure Windows Media Player Classic is installed.

Fun Fact

Based on ISO media, the 3GP format is basically a stripped down MPEG-4 file with AAC audio capabilities.

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