What Is Digital Media Technology

Digital media technology creates state of the art content.

Digital media technology is the use of digital applications to create high-tech forms of media that is predominantly used online. These applications include graphic design software, digital video production and editing, video games, sound editing and web page design.

Graphic Design

Most graphics used in both digital media and in traditional media are created using graphic design programs. Digital media technology such as Adobe Photoshop is used to create and digitally enhance graphics.

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing tools are used to create online media presentations used to translate traditional content into digital media. Digital publishing combines elements of graphic design and web page design with a journalistic approach.

Webpage Design

Programs such as Dreamweaver give users the technology needed to create high end, functional web pages. These web pages can incorporate digital media elements such as graphic design, flash, video and sound content.

Video Design

Digital video production and editing technologies allows users to author video used in a number digital applications.

Game Design

Interactive multimedia such as computer, smartphone or traditional video games are designed with technologies that allow users to create digital game content. The game media can be used in any number of online or offline digital applications.

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