What Is A Dvdrom Udf

DVD content–including programs, movies, and video games–used to be typically burnt to a DVD using an ISO format. Now, the format has been upgraded and changed and referred to as UDF. UDF discs can be burned to run as stand-alone discs and used to copy movies, start-up software and copied video games for systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360.


UDF stands for Universal Disk Format. This format has been around for years, but it took off in 2009 as the DVD standard.


Consumers can use DVD burners to burn content by using the UDF format. Newer DVD players, like the Xbox 360, will only read burned DVDs in the UDF format.


DVD-ROM UDFs are typically used to make copies of installation discs for both Windows, Mac and even Linux operating systems.


While UDF files should not have any trouble on most computers, newer versions, including the UDF 2.60, may not work properly in operating systems like Windows XP.


If you are not sure whether to burn to a UDF or ISO DVD-ROM, then choose the ISO DVD-ROM because it is more compatible with DVD players and computers.

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