What Are Some Good Free Photo Editing Programs

There is free photo editing software available for everyone from the amateur to the professional.

If you’re looking for software to enhance the quality of your photographs, the great number of available options can be overwhelming and difficult to wade through. Though advanced programs such as Photoshop and Aperture are appealing to many for their high functionality, these are often out of the price range of most amateur photographers. Luckily, there a quite a few high-quality and free photo editing programs available online.

Lite and Trial Versions of Heavy Editing Software

Some companies who produce the higher-end photo editing software offer lite, trial or online versions of their software, which are usually stripped down versions of the original software or full versions that have a time limit on how long they can be used. Adobe offers a lite online service, Photoshop Express, which requires account registration to use online. Aperture, Pixelmator, Acorn and Aurora all offer a free 30-day trial.

Free Online Editors

There’s quite an array of free online photo editors available to photographers, though the quality differs greatly from one to the next. These generally have fewer functions than their downloadable counterparts, but can be used from anywhere with an Internet connection. Some of the higher quality ones include Picnik, Lunapic, Fotoflexer, and Pixlr.

Free Downloadable Editors

Perhaps the best free option for functionality is offered by the downloadable free photo editors. These programs are not as complex as Photoshop or Aperture, but they are constantly becoming better, and offer most of the basic functions you will find in the higher-end software. The best of these are generally considered to be Picasa by Google, GIMP, Photoscape and Paint.NET.

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