Wax Video Effects

While high-end video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas cost hundreds of dollars, video editors can edit videos and use dozens of effects with free Wax video effects. Even if you do own a high-end editing suite, the Wax video effects can be implemented into the software as a free plug-in. Wax video effects feature a variety of effects for transitions, titles and general video clips.


Various Wax video effects can manipulate colors within a video project. For example, the gray scale effect will turn a video black and white and there is a large selection of color filters to apply a blue, red, green or yellow tint, among others.


Add new forms of digital lighting within the Wax video effects. For example, the “Spotlight” video effect has a spotlight that can be pointed and guided around the screen using key frames on a video clip. Other lights can be used to add headlights to a car or turn day to night on videos.

3D Transitions

Go from scene to scene with a variety of 3D transitions. Some of the more popular transitions include the 3D sphere, fly away, liquid, shatter and saloon doors. Set the time for each transition so that transitions last longer or shorter.

2D Transitions

Use 2D Wax video transitions that represent a more traditional way to go from video to video. Different 2D transitions include wipe, fade, shutter, slide and stretch.

Split Screen

Showcase multiple videos at one time using the split screen video effects. With these effects, you can create a dual split screen, three-way split screen, four-way split screen or even a six-way split screen if needed.

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Use the 3D titling effects from Wax to create 3D titles with shadows, depth and different fonts. Use the built-in tools to make the text animate on and off the screen or just simply appear with the video.


Create an animated look in your video by using the Rotomate effect. It takes a long time to make it look realistic, but if done properly, the final video will appear realistically animated.

Model Loader

If you have 3D models from other software programs, the Wax effects will convert them for use in your video. The models can be placed as their own layer or mixed with other 3D models to create a 3D visual.