Water In A Hammer Editor For A Garry’S Mod

The Hammer Editor from Valve software, in its current iteration, is a map development program for its proprietary Source game engine. It was adapted from Worldcraft, a similar map-making software designed for the Quake engine. The name was changed to the Hammer Editor after it was acquired by Valve, and it has been the only map- and model-making tool included with the Half-life 2 development kit ever since. In games in the Half-life franchise, such as Garry’s Mod, maps with water are included to give the games a more realistic feel and to showcase the abilities of the Havoc physics engine.


1. Add a wire-frame cube that completely envelops the area of the map that you want to fill with water.

2. Select the “NoDraw” texture in the cube’s properties.

3. Select the top face of the cube, which represents the surface of the water, and select a texture from the “nature/water” section.

4. Select the “Entity” tool and then add the “water lodcontrol” function to the cube.

5. Right-click the cube and then click “Properties.” Choose the texture for the water’s surface, click “Pick” and click on the cube.

6. Add the “envcubemap” and “water lodcontrol” to the surface of the water using the entity tool.

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