Watch A Video With Roxio Video Capture Usb

Roxio, a common video and audio burning program, can be used for other projects as well. These projects can consist of video capture, audio capture and many others. Watching a video while capturing video via USB can be done through the video preview option when capturing the video content to your hard drive. This process can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on the length of the video you’re capturing.


1. Open Roxio, and choose the video capture option in the startup wizard menu. This will bring you to the next page and tell you to plug in your camera.

2. Connect your video camera via the USB cable that came with your camera kit. One end should be plugged into the camera and the other into a USB port on your computer. Roxio will automatically know that you’re connected and will ask where you want to capture the footage to.

3. Select a folder or spot on your hard drive where you want to upload the video to. Here is where you also name the file, and choose options such as video quality, audio quality and the video preview.

4. Click the “Video Preview” option, and this will enable a window on the capturing process to watch the video of what you’re uploading to your computer. This will slow the uploading process, but is helpful in making sure you’re capturing what you want. It also enables you to know what you’re going to be watching/editing in the future.

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