Voicetotext Transcription Software

Speak into your computer instead of typing.

There is software that can convert your voice into text. This was originally designed to assist the handicapped community, but has also been used for convenience.


By default, Windows provides in the Ease of Access section the ability to use voice recognition just by setting up a microphone and turning on the service. See the Resources section for further information on configuring and using this service.

Free Programs

There are also a few good programs that you can download and install to use for this purpose. CNET has a nice list that comes complete with user and editor reviews (see Resources).

Purchase a Program

You can get more features if you purchase a top-of-the-line software solution. Most voice-to-text programs only have the capability to control the document you are creating. More advanced software can also control other aspects of your PC, like opening a new program or surfing the web. Determine what your needs are and ensure the software meets them.


The misconception about using this software is that it will be easier than typing. There are many verbal commands for punctuation and editing that you will need to learn to use the software successfully

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