Visual Effects To A Home Movie

Visual effects add an interesting element to almost any home movie. These effects lend an air of sophistication and polish to what might otherwise be a relatively boring event. Many of the best visual effects are quite simple and inexpensive.


1. Set up a studio area to film the footage and the visual effects. The space must be large enough to accommodate the subjects and the equipment necessary for the home movie.

2. Make a plan or script to follow during the home movie shoot for special visual effects. It’s difficult to edit a home movie and insert visual effects after recording. Write down where in the home movie the effect occurs and direct accordingly.

3. Use a small or large floor fan to produce a windy visual effect. Place the fan out of camera frame and shoot footage that looks very windy when directed towards the subject.

4. Light the home movie in different ways to achieve interesting visual effects. Simple table lamps with colored light bulbs add a special touch to home movies.

5. Add special visual effects in post-production with video editing software. Many retailers carry this software to manipulate home movie footage after transferring to a computer. Microsoft and Apple both offer video editing software with their operating systems.

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