Video Ringtones Vringtones To Your Iphone 3g 3 0 Fw Part 2

Add Video Ringtones – Vringtones to your iPhone 3g 3.0 FW Part 2

So if you have finished step 1 of this (installing Vwallpaper) then you are ready to put your own video ringtones into your phone. If you haven’t I suggest going to the bottom of this EHow and clicking the link for Part 1 of this tutorial. Once completed you will be able to have 20-30 second video ringtones or (vringtones) for any call coming in and specific ones for specific contacts as well!


1. I am going to assume you have at least the video and audio files that you would to apply to the video ringtone. If not go get em, download, rip burn whatever but get them ready to edit. You will be using a couple of different programs to do all the editing and another to encode to work on the iPhone. There may always be different, bigger, better, programs to do some of the steps I will show you, but I am showing you what I know works, and is Free.

2. If you are using a video that has its own audio then great, you are ready to just cut a 20-30 second clip of it and add it to the phone. If you need to apply different audio to video, then you will need to do a couple of added steps. So if you don’t need to edit you audio/video then skip to step 5.

3. First lets get the audio ready. Audacity is a free program you can find online that allows you to edit music. Simple to use and you can time the clip of music you desire quickly and have it ready. Go here and get a free copy of their software.

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4. Now lets edit the video. The simplest program used (I have Vista) is Windows Movie Maker. If you are using a PC its possible you already have this program as well. If not you can certainly find other software out there, some that cost others that do not. Movie maker will allow us to add, edit, splice video, and also add our own music to it.

5. Now that we have a video with the audio we want we are ready to encode it to the iPhone format. For this a good program is Any Video Convertor Professional. If you don’t have this program you might want to look at another one of my articles on how you can find lots of shared files online.

6. Here’s an important note. When you are encoding the video to the standard mp4 format for the iPhone video, from the profile drop down in the upper right select Microsoft Zune Mpeg-4 Movie. This will then open up the Video Options for the output on the lower right of the program window. Where you see video size, change the video to 320X480 (iPhone screen size) If you don’t do this step your video will be some small window off to the side. Also, make changes in that sizing as needed, some videos depending on the original source/size will translate differently when encoding.

7. Now you are ready to put the file in the iPhone. For this you will be using winSCP (directions for use is found down below). Once connected to your iPhone you will go to the following directory. /var/mobile/Media/Skrew then you will go into vRingtones. Here you can just drag your Mp4 file into here and it will save onto the iPhone. (I am sure you might have noticed there is a VWBackground this is to add Vwallpaper to the iPhone, I will have a tutorial on that at a later date.

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8. Now that’s in the phone lets start the iPhone goto the Vwallpaper app and open it. This will take you to a screen that you will goto Video Ringtones, and now Enable Video Ringtone to “on” and go into Select Global Video. Here you should see your video. If you touch that video it will take you to a sample of the video, you want to click yes use this. Now just back out of the program get to your home screen in the iPhone and call yourself. Voila!

9. If you did everything correctly, then you should have yourself a ringtone showing the contact calling in and the answer and decline options. Also, if you noticed when you were in the Vwallpaper app that you had a choice to select “Manage contacts” this is where you would choose certain people and apply a specific video ringtone to them. Have fun!