Video Production Colleges

You can pursue training in video production.

Also referred to as videography, video production is the practice of videotaping, editing and distributing video content in a variety of contexts, including television, film and the internet. Although the entertainment industry is notoriously competitive, the U.S. Bureau of Labor finds that the demand for well-trained television, video and motion picture camera operators and editors will increase by at least 11 percent through to 2018. Several colleges in the United States offer top-quality training in video production that prepares graduates to pursue employment in this dynamic field.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film and video production. Students receive in-depth instruction in the operation of super eight and 16 mm film, analog and digital video, sound design and editorial processes. Course topics include filmmaking, film production, moving image and performance, scriptwriting, non-linear editing, optical printing, documentary film, stop motion animation, video sharing, cinematography and lighting, handmade film and digital compositing. Several classes also provide the opportunity to work in a creative team setting with fellow classmates. Internship courses are also offered.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

621 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA 02115


Collins College

The School of Film, Video and Visual Effects at Collins College offers two programs in video production at locations in both Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production trains students in all aspects of the craft, including screenwriting, lighting techniques, audio methods, non-linear editing, field production and 3D animation. Graduates are prepared to seek employment as camera operator, production assistants, television or film producers, video editors and visual artists. The associate of arts degree in digital video production trains students in live television and staging for live events. Course topics include film history, 2D and 3D animation, audio production, non-linear and digital editing, lighting and audio techniques, photography and field production. Students are prepared for employment as digital video technicians, film editors, video producers or multimedia artists.

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Collins College

4750 South 44th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85040


The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes provide training in both video production and digital media production. These programs are available at multiple locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Students are trained in all aspects of the construction and delivery of audio, video and motion graphics using professional software tools and equipment. Course topics include sound and video production, scriptwriting and image manipulation.

The Art Institutes

2233 West Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85021-2859