Video Game Editing Software

You can make your own video games.

Nearly every gamer fantasizes about turning his hobby into a career, but the steep learning curve required to learn programming languages such as C++ and Java usually leave him yearning for a better way.

Genre-Specific Editing Software

Genre-specific editing software is easy to use, but that comes with a cost. Developers sacrifice a great deal of control over the end result to the assumptions made by the designers. Examples of genre-specific editing software include RPG Maker XP and Ren’Py. The first is designed solely for the development of Japanese-style 2D role playing games like Final Fantasy 3, while Ren’Py is designed solely for the creation of “visual novel” style adventure games. It can be difficult to create games with these editors that defy genre conventions.

Generic Game Editing Software

Generic game editing software gives the developer an interface designed for game development, but makes fewer assumptions about the sort of games to be created than do genre-specific editors. Examples of this include Game Maker, by YoYo Games, and Blitz Max, by Blitz Research, but they do not limit game developers to making only Japanese-style RPGs as RPG Maker XP does.

Gaming Libraries

There are libraries designed to extend professional programming languages to ease common game development tasks on them. Examples include the Pygame library for Python and the SDL library for C++. These offer the greatest control, giving the creator all the power of their base languages, but they also require the most experience and programming training.

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