Video Engineering Schools

Video or audio engineering is the sound recording and editing within the entertainment industry.

Video engineers, often called audio engineers, work within television, music and radio production industries. They are responsible for sound recording and editing. Entry into the field requires an associate degree or certificate. A bachelor’s degree is not required, but may be useful for upper level positions like in management or as a music producer.

The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts in Phoenix, Maryland offers certificate programs in audio engineering, video production, television/radio broadcasting and audio/video technology. All the programs except for audio/video technology are offered on a part-time or full-time basis. They provide classroom learning with hands-on experience within the school’s eight classroom labs and studios. The institute is within the same facility as Sheffield Audio and Video Productions, with over 41 years of experience in the industry. Students use the same advanced technological equipment that is used to operate Sheffield Productions, providing a more realistic real-life job experience.

The Sheffield Institute For The Recording Arts

13816 Sunnybrook Rd.

Phoenix, MD 21131


Institute of Production and Recording

The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in media arts-audio production and engineering. The institute integrates a curriculum of a business and liberal arts education with technical training in the entertainment industry. The degree program gives the concentration options of audio engineering, music production or post-production all providing hands-on experience within the campus’s eight studios and three labs. Upon completion, students are required to develop a portfolio highlighting their best work to prepare them for the job hunting experience.

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The Institute of Production and Recording

312 Washington Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55401


Cogswell Polytechnical Institute

Located in Sunnyvale, California, Cogswell Polytechnical Institute is a four year college providing bachelor degrees in the arts and sciences. There are six degree options, including digital audio technology which offers a concentration in audio engineering. It incorporates the aspects of computer engineering with audio technology including coursework in these subjects as well as mathematics and digital signal processing. The program also features a year-long senior portfolio project and hands-on experience through the school’s four campus facilities.

Cogswell Polytechnical Institute

1175 Bordeaux Drive

Sunnyvale, California 94089