Video Editing Film Schools

Video editing programs teach students to edit footage shot on DV cameras.

Students enrolled in a digital video (DV) editing school learn to cut and edit footage shot from DV cameras and create a seamless story for viewers to watch. Courses offer opportunities to edit scenes, music videos and commercials. Digital video editing programs teach students use various post-production software programs, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Photoshop and Digital Studio Pro.

New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy, with schools in New York and Los Angeles, offers a 12-week film editing program that teaches students about editing with Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Digital Studio Pro. Students also study movie editing theory and learn structure a scene through mood and rhythm. The program requires students to edit a film scene, music video and movie trailer. Graduates leave with a DVD reel to show potential employers.

Sessions College

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Sessions College educates and trains students in digital video editing. The courses cover topics in digital editing, shooting and editing video, editing techniques and editing sound. To enroll in a program, students need to have a computer with high-speed Internet access, editing software and access to a digital video camera. Projects in the program ensure that students understand edit interviews, music videos, commercials and scenes.

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business

The Globe University/Minnesota School of Business has campuses throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. It offers an associate’s degree in digital video and media production that prepares students to work in production and post-production. Students must complete 97 credits, including 67 within the major. Editing and post-production courses in the program include camera operations and basic editing, Photoshop, digital video editing, After Effects, and video lighting and color. The program also requires students to participate in an internship with a local production company to gain professional experience.

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Collins College

Collins College, in Phoenix, offers a bachelor of arts in film and video production. Non-linear editing courses show students use post-production software equipment, make editing cuts and add a soundtrack. Students also learn about field production, lighting, audio and camera work. Students learn through classroom and laboratory work, and they have access to the college’s high-definition cameras and film equipment.