Video Editing & Converting Mov To Mpeg

Movies can be converted from .mov to .mpeg by using a Quicktime conversion.

Depending on the type of computer you use and the software you have, there could come a time when you have a movie with a .mov file extension that needs to be converted to an .mpeg file. While .mov files are compatible with both Windows and Mac, you may have trouble using a .mov file in software such as Windows Movie Maker, since it’s not one of their supported file types. To fix this problem, you can use the Quicktime conversion provided in basic Mac editing programs such as iMovie.

Start a Project

Open iMovie and start a new project by selecting “File,” then “New Project.” Give the project a name and select “Create.”

Prepare the Video

Import the video into iMovie. Click “File” then “Import,” then “Files,” then select the file from the folders on your computer or attached storage device. Drag the movie from the iMovie upper pane to the Timeline.

Convert the Video

Click “Share” from the top menu, then click “Export using Quicktime.” At the next menu, click the dropdown menu from the “Export” tab, then choose “Movie to MPEG-4.” Click “Save.” The file will now be converted to a MPEG.

Check it Out

Go to the Finder on the top right of your Mac and type in the name of the file you’ve just converted. Look for the file name with the “.mp4” at the end. Click on the video to ensure it works correctly and will play in your Quicktime player.

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