Video Edit Tutorial

Learn edit your videos on your computer.

After creating a video and before uploading it to the Internet and sharing it with friends, easily learn edit out any “bloopers” or unnecessary footage first. If desiring to add background music or sound effects, do these things with the use of a simple video editing program that probably already exists on your computer. A simple video editing program includes all of the features needed to get creative in the editing process.


1. Upload video raw footage from the digital video camera by inserting the camera’s memory card into the appropriate slot on the computer or connect the camera to the computer using a USB cable and transfer and save the file. Remember the location where it was saved and write it down.

2. Open a video editing program, like Windows “Movie Maker,” Apple’s “iMovie” or “Wax” (see Resources). Go to “File” and then “Open Project” to locate the video file in the place where it was saved. Open up any song files or pictures that you want to incorporate into the video. Opened files appear at the top of the program.

3. Click on the video at the top of the program, drag it down to the “Storyboard,” the empty frames at the bottom of the program and drop it into the first frame. Preview the video and check progress while editing by click the “Play” button on the video player on the right of the program.

4. Click on the word “Storyboard” to show a drop-down menu. Click on the option for “Time line.” Time line mode will allow you to take out parts of the video and add music and text. Drag the green line across the time lines, which is measured out in five second increments, to view different parts of the video.

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5. Isolate different segments, or video clips for editing or removal by clicking on the end of the segment in the timeline and clicking on the word “Split” which is located under the preview player. Click on the segment to remove and hit the “Delete” button on the keyboard.

6. Right-click on a segment to bring up a list of options. Select “Effects” to create an effect, or make the segment “Fade in” at the beginning or “Fade out” at the end. Click on “Tools” and then “Titles and Credits” and format a title at the beginning of the video or individual segments, ending credits or other text as needed.

7. Drag the song file at the top of the program into the audio-music section of the timeline. Right click on the music timeline to bring up options for the audio. Change the volume of the music, fade it in or out, and even mute it in parts of the video where there is speaking.

8. Click on “Publish Movie” when done editing. Follow the steps and under “Choose the Settings for Your Movie,” click on “More Settings” and select the “DV-AVI” file extension. This file extension will compress the video and allow it to be uploaded to the Internet.