Video Converting & Editing Software

The number of options for video converting and editing software can be daunting. Selecting one of these software packages ultimately comes down to your personal preferences.


Several types of video converting and editing software are available. These types include web-based solutions, commercial software and freeware. Choose the best solution depending on your needs and budget.


Some video converting editing software can only change a video’s resolution or screen size. Other programs can perform complex operations like video splicing, color compositing and filtering. If all you need to do is convert one format to another, you don’t need complex effects-based editing software. Compare different programs’ capabilities and match them to your needs.


Different programs have different benefits. Freeware programs are, obviously, free, and are usually small, but they may also be very simple. Web-based video converting and editing applications are even more lightweight, but are usually limited in function. Commercial video converting and editing software is the most powerful, but can be expensive and bulky.

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