Video & Audio Editing Software

Each editing program offers different features.

Editing video and audio productions used to be a highly specialized and often expensive undertaking. But with current technology, software now exists that allows even the most novice videographers or filmmakers to edit projects from their home computers.

Primary Use

Video and audio editing softwares often go hand in hand when editing a video production. Most video and audio editing softwares allow editors to edit in a non-linear fashion by separating video and audio footage into specific clips. This can allow audio from one point in a video to be removed or placed into a different spot in the video. They also allow the editor to manipulate the video by adding transitions, graphics, titles and other special effects.

Programs Available

There are many programs available on professional and consumer level. Programs such as Avid, Final Cut and Adobe Premier Pro are considered professional-level programs. These programs offer large amounts of features and typically require extensive training to become comfortable with. These programs retail upwards of $500.

Programs such as Apple iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle studio are considered consumer software and are often stripped-down versions of the aforementioned programs that offer fewer customization features.


Most software comes with extensive training manuals and video tutorials. These options often work well with consumer software but typically lack the depth needed to efficiently learn and operate professional software. Books such as “Final Cut 4 for Dummies” and “Avid Editing: A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users” exist to help aspiring professionals adapt to the learning curve.

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