Use Total Recorder With Youtube

Use Total Recorder With YouTube

Total Recorder makes recording digital audio simple, allowing computer users to record everything from line-in audio to Internet audio streams. And it’s Total Recorder’s tailored, Internet stream recording settings that make it a great tool for capturing the audio from YouTube streams. Total Record lets you choose from various recording qualities and output formats for recording your YouTube content-and it even compensates for gaps if your YouTube stream pauses midway to buffer.


1. Download and install a copy of Total Recorder if you don’t already have the program installed (see Resources).

2. Launch Total Recorder. If it is your first time running the program, the Recording Wizard will appear-click the “Next” button on the first screen. If you’ve already installed and launched Total Recorder before, click on the “Tools” header in the main menu and select “Recording Wizard” from the drop-down menu.

3. Leave the first option in the Recording Wizard (“Sound That Is Produced by a Player”) checked and click “Next.” Continue on to “Stage 2” and select your recording format-“MP3” and “WMV” are two of the more popular choices. Click “Next” to continue.

4. Select your desired recording quality-“Low Quality,” “Middle Quality” or “Near High”-and then click “Next.” You can click on the “Change Tag” button on the next page to enter identification information for your recording, such as “Artist” and “Title,” or simply click “Next” to continue. Click “Finish” on the next page.

5. Click on the “Options” heading in the main menu of Total Recorder, and then select “Recording Source and Parameters” from the drop-down menu. In the Recording Source and Parameters menu, click on the “Advanced” button located on the right side of the menu. And in the Advanced menu, check the box labeled “Remove Silence (Prevent Internet Transmission Gaps)”-selecting this option will halt recording if your YouTube audio stream stops to buffer, and it can detect the difference between a halted stream and silence in the stream. Click “OK” to return to the main menu.

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6. Navigate your Web browser to the YouTube stream that you wish to record. Press the “Record” button located in the bottom right corner of Total Recorder, and then press the “Play” button in YouTube. After the YouTube audio stream has completed, click the “Stop” button in Total Recorder.

7. Click on the “File” heading in the top left corner of Total Recorder, and select “Save” from the drop-down menu. Select a folder location on your computer to save your audio file to, give your file a name, and then click “Save.”