Use The Chroma Key In Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is video editing software that allows you to create a range of special effects. Masking a video in Premiere Pro is the process of eliminating the existing video background and replacing it with a “blank” space in solid black or white. This technique is used to accentuate objects or people in the frame. Video masking is achieved through the use of the chroma key tool in Premiere Pro. “When you key out a color value in a clip, that color or range of colors becomes transparent for the entire clip,” explains


1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro. Click the “Open Project” icon. Locate your video project and click “Open.”

2. Click the video clip in the project time line you want edit using the chroma key tool.

3. Click “Video Effects” in the left menu pane. From the drop down menu, select “Keying” then “Chroma Key.”

4. Drag the Chroma Key plug-in from the Effects panel to the highlighted clip in the Video 1 channel.

5. Adjust the Chroma Key plug-in settings by clicking “Window” in the top menu bar then “Effect Controls.” The Effect Controls dialog box contains three settings that you can adjust to mask your video. You can view your changes in the monitor window as you adjust your chroma key values.

6. Drag the “Eyedropper tool” in the Color setting onto the area of the clip in the Monitor window you want to make transparent. Release the mouse to sample the color. Continue masking each color in your background until the background is a solid color.

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7. Click “File” then “Save” to save changes to your project.