Use Sony Vegas To Make A Wow Movie

Developing and publishing your WoW movie with Sony Vegas is quite easy, but time-consuming.

Creating World of Warcraft (WoW) movies with Sony Vegas can be a very beneficial experience. Many creators of WoW movies are able to supplement their income with a portion of the Ad revenue from the site they host their content on such as Youtube or Google. Developing and publishing a WoW movie with Sony Vegas may take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the length of the movie. The more time spent on editing the movie in Sony Vegas, the better the movie is likely to turn out.


1. Download and install a screen capture program to record your World of Warcraft game play. There are free screen capture programs available online such as Hypersnap, FRAPS and CamStudio. Downloading and installing a screen capture program takes five to 15 minutes.

2. Record all the game play you need to create your WoW movie by following the basic instructions of your screen capture program. Record all of your game play footage, even if you may not need some parts of it and edit out the sections you don’t want later using Sony Vegas.

3. Open Sony Vegas and left-click “File,” “Import.”

4. Navigate to your saved game play footage file and left-click “Open.”

5. Press “S” on the time line at the bottom of your editing screen to cut the footage you don’t want.

6. Left-click a section of the footage you don’t want and press “Delete” on the time line to remove the section of the game play you don’t want.

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7. Left-click “File,” “Render” to publish your movie. Save the movie to a file of your preference.