Use Roxio Cd Burning

Roxio’s CD burning software, known as Roxio Creator 2011, provides many different options for recording your files, folders and media to CD. Creator provides editing features as well as burning capabilities, so you can package your media files in an attractive package prior to the burn. Roxio Creator 2011 is straightforward to use, although the many different options for CD burning may confuse you at first.


1. Open Roxio Creator 2011.

2. Click the “Burn Data Disk” icon. Insert a blank disc into your CD burner. Specify the drive containing the blank disc if you have multiple optical drives on your computer.

3. Click “Burn Data Disk.” Click “Add” then choose either “Files” or “Folders.” Select the files or folders that you are going to add to the compilation.

4. Click the big green button on the lower left-hand side of Roxio 2011. This is the burning button. Take your disc out of the drive once the process is complete and click “Finish.”

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