Use Puppy Linux To Recover An Unrecognized Hard Drive

If you have mistakenly repartitioned or reformatted a hard drive in your computer Puppy Linux may be able to help you recover the unrecognized hard drive. Boot Puppy Linux from the LiveCD and mount the unrecognized drive. Once the drive is mounted format the drive using the GParted tool included on the Puppy Linux LiveCD. Once the drive is formatted and if the drive is not damaged your computer should recognize the hard drive once repartitioned and reformatted using the Puppy Linux tools.


1. Insert the Puppy Linux LiveCD into the computer’s CD/DVD drive.

2. Reboot the computer and allow the computer to boot from the Puppy LiveCD. Unless booting from CD is disabled the computer will automatically boot from the Puppy LiveCD. Press the “Enter” key, if prompted, to accept Puppy defaults to boot the computer. In most cases Puppy will simply boot up into the desktop without any user intervention.

3. Click the “Menu” button in the lower left corner of the taskbar and select “System.”

4. Click the “GParted” link to open the partition editor. All attached drives will list in the GParted interface.

5. Right-click on the previously unrecognized drive. If the drive is labeled “Unallocated Space” then click the “Partition” option from the top navigation bar. If the drive is already partitioned proceed on to formatting the partition.

6. Select a file system from the dropdown list. If creating a Linux based file system choose a mount point. Click “OK.” The partition is created.

7. Right-click on the previously unrecognized drive, which is now partitioned, and click “Format.”

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8. Select a file system to format the partition from the dropdown list and click “OK.” The unrecognized drive is now repartitioned and reformatted.