Use Pinnacle Moviebox Usb With Other Video Programs

Import footage from older video cameras.

The Pinnacle Moviebox is a capture device used to import video from video cameras into the computer. Although newer cameras have USB and FireWire cable attachments, the Pinnacle Moviebox is designed to import audio and video from older video cameras that run off of cassette tapes. Even though the Moviebox is designed to work with the Pinnacle line of video editing programs you can use it with other editing programs.


1. Connect the Pinnacle Moviebox to your computer through one of its USB ports.

2. Install the drivers found on the driver installation CD. Without the drivers installed you cannot run the Mobiebox with other programs. Insert the CD into the disc drive and follow the short prompts to install the drivers.

3. Launch the video editor you want to use with the Pinnacle Moviebox.

4. Plug the FireWire cable into the FireWire port on the digital video camera. Connect the opposite end of the cable into the FireWire port on the Pinnacle Moviebox USB.

5. Select the “Capture” option, then choose “Pinnacle Moviebox” from the list of locations from which the program can import footage.

6. Press the “Play” button on the video camera and click “Record” in the video editing program. The software beings to import the video content. Select “Stop” to stop the recording.

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