Use Of Ulead Cool 3d

3D animation is a powerful and useful tool that can improve web sites and presentations. However, most people do not know start using it. Ulead’s Cool 3D is an affordable and easy-to-use product that offers a variety of tools for creating your own simple graphics.


Ulead Cool 3D is an entry-level Windows-based 3D modeling and animation program for animating text and simple objects. Output your creations as still images, video files or animated GIFs. Add them to websites or presentations. You can also export objects for use in Flash projects.

System Requirements

Ulead Cool 3D does not require a powerful computer to run. Minimum system requirements include 32MB RAM, 200MB hard disk space and a Pentium 166MHz processor. Many current home PCs meet or exceed these requirements.


Ulead Cool 3D provides WYSIWYG editing and supports TrueType and symbol fonts. It also has a shape tool and freehand drawing tool for creating a variety of objects. You can also import Adobe Illustrator files or photos to use as references for tracing.

Using Cool 3D

Animated effects are added by dragging and dropping an effect from a library of presets, called the EasyPalette, to your project. You can immediately preview the effect and reduce your programming time.

Optional Plug-Ins

Two optional plug-in packs are also available for Ulead Cool 3D. These plug-ins add several special effects such as lens flare, fireworks, explosions and motion effects.

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