Use My Lenovo Webcam To Make Streaming Videos

Whether you’re using a Lenovo laptop with an internal or an external Web camera, you have the ability to broadcast your own live streaming video feed to the Internet. However, in addition to your Lenovo webcam you will need an Internet connection and streaming video software. Fortunately, a variety of full-featured video streaming software titles have been designed for this purpose, and many of them are compatible with Lenovo laptops and webcams.


BroadCam is a video streaming and editing solution developed by NCH Software. The application’s features include wide Web browser compatibility, the ability to stream pre-recorded or live video, an on-board video editor and compression tools tailored to optimize video for playback over a variety of Internet connection speeds. In order to broadcast video using BroadCam, you need a computer running Microsoft’s Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. In order to watch your streaming video content, viewers need to have a copy of Windows Media Player software or a Web browser capable of running the Adobe Flash plugin.


WebcamXP is a full-featured streaming video solution for Windows computers. Its features include support for USB, PCI and IP cameras, image overlay capabilities, a built-in chat system, HTTP broadcast functionality, an onboard scheduler, password protection, motion detection and remote and local tilt, pan and zoom capabilities. The number of simultaneous camera sources supported by the software depends on the version you’re running. The free version of WebcamXP supports up to one video source, while WebcamXP Private supports five video sources, and Webcam XP Pro supports an unlimited number of sources.

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TinCam is a video- and photo-streaming application for computers running Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Its features include live synchronized video and audio streaming, multiple camera support, HTTP server functionality, motion-triggered recording, image overlays, scheduled video capture and automatic Web page creation for publishing video from your Lenovo Web camera. A free trial version of TinCam is available for download. The full version of the software costs around $20, as of the date of publication.

My Webcam

My Webcam is a free video broadcasting service developed by Eyespyfx. It’s based around My Webcam Broadcaster, a tool that lets you create and publish your webcam feed to the Internet and then view it via computer, smartphone or tablet. My Webcam is compatible with built-in and external cameras. It features IP and network camera support, pan and tilt functionality and image archive capabilities. My Webcam is available for both PCs and Macs.