Use Final Cut Pro Editing Software

Final Cut Pro is used to edit video footage and perform light sound editing tasks. It includes some transitions and text generation, but it cannot author DVDs. This is a powerful, complicated piece of software for professional application. Follow these steps to use it.


1. Connect a camcorder or digital tape unit to the computer using a Firewire. Turn the camcorder to VCR mode. Launch Final Cut Pro.

2. Select “Log” and “Capture” from the options under File. A capture viewer should appear on-screen. Use the buttons on the capture viewer to find the beginning of the scene to capture, then press “I”. Fast forward to the end of the section to be captured using the capture viewer‘s controls. Press “O” at the end. Allow a few extra seconds at both beginning and end.

3. Press the “Now” button under Capture in the lower right hand corner of the capture viewer. The computer will rewind the tape to the proper position and capture the video in real time. Name the clip when prompted. Repeat for all necessary clips.

4. Captured clips will be listed on the left hand side of the screen in the Browser window. Double click on the first desired clip to enter it into the Viewer. Use the viewer buttons to find the exact start frame desired and press “I”, then fast forward to the exact final frame desired and press “O”. Under Modify select “Make Subclip” and name when prompted. Repeat for all clips

5. Drag each subclip into the timeline on the bottom of the screen in order. Place each block together (the computer will automatically align them unless over-ridden by the editor).

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6. Select transitions from the Effects tab and drag them onto the line between subclips. If the line above the transition turns red it must be rendered. Under Sequence select “Render Only” and then “Needs Rendering.”

7. After all transitions have been established, under Sequence select “Render All” and “Both.” After the render is complete, save the project. Finally, under File select “Export” and use QuickTime Movie, QuickTime Conversion or Compressor to convert the raw digital video into the video and audio format desired.