Use A Sony Vaio To Convert Video Analog To Digital

Save your analog video onto your computer in digital.

Sony VAIO is the electronics company’s lineup of computers. These Windows-based systems allow you to perform the same functions as any other computer, including importing video files to a video editor. These files may be analog when importing, but once you export the footage as a movie file it is in a digital format. Although you already have a video editor on your computer (Windows Movie Maker) you must have a video capture card installed.


1. Install a video capture card if you don’t have one currently on your system. These cards are either internally or externally installed, so you may connect such a card to one of the USB ports on your system. Install all drivers provided with the card also.

2. Insert the RCA audio/video cables into the “Video Out” ports of the device you want to send the analog footage from (such as a VCR). Connect the opposite end of the cables into the input connection on the video capture card.

3. Click “Start,” “All Programs” and choose “Windows Movie Maker.” Wait for the video editor to load onto your screen.

4. Select the “Capture” option, then power on the VCR (or other connected device). Select the video capture card as the device you want to capture from (it is displayed in a pop-up window) and press “Play” on the connected device. Click “Record” in the video editor and the content is captured by Windows Movie Maker. Select “Stop” to stop the recording and the video file becomes a thumbnail icon in the right side of the program window.

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5. Click and drag the video file down to the timeline at the bottom of the screen and click “File,” “Save Movie As.” A prompt save window appears on your screen. Title the video and select a location to save the file to. Click “OK” and the video footage is saved as a digital file.