Use A Canon 5d For Video

The Canon EOS 5D was originally marketed as a still camera that could also shoot video. Filmmakers quickly discovered that the high-definition capabilities of the Canon 5D and the affordable cost of the camera made it a perfect choice for the independent film community. The Canon 5D has been used for commercials, for indy films and for filming several television show episodes, including the Fox series finale of “House.”


1. Insert a formatted SDHC memory card into the camera. Familiarize yourself with your Canon 5D by setting up still shots before attempting to shoot video. Settings for video shooting must be set up in still-shot mode first.

2. Set the “Live View/Movie” setting to “Movie Display.”

3. Turn the mode dial on top of the camera to the “M” setting for manual mode.

4. Press the “Live View” button on the camera. This button is located to the left of the viewfinder on the camera.

5. Set the shutter speed to between 1/30 and 1/125. This will allow the camera to pick up all necessary information for action scenes.

6. Set the aperture by turning the quick control dial on the back of the camera.

7. Set the ISO setting before or during filming. The higher the ISO rating, the less fluttering you will have on the screen during fast movements.

8. Play with the settings, using the control wheel, to get the exact look you want for filming. You may have to shoot several takes to get the look you desire for your video.

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9. Press the “Movie” button on the back of the camera to begin shooting video.