Upload Photos To Kodak Easyshare Software

Excited to share, print or purchase gifts with your Kodak EasyShare software? Use these helpful instructions to upload your photos and take advantage of all the awesome features Kodak offers. You’ll have all of your pictures in one convenient place to do anything you want with them!


From a Digital Camera

1. Connect the provided USB cord to the camera and to your computer’s USB port. Turn the camera on to enable it to read the hardware information for a few moments.

2. Select “Quick Setup” when prompted and click “Next.”

3. Choose to “Synchronize” your software for optimal results.

4. Click “Finish.”

5. Decide if you want the program to remove the photos from your camera when they are transferred to your Kodak EasyShare software.

6. Determine if you want to scan the photos on your camera and pick the ones to transfer (“Select and Transfer”), or if you want the software to automatically “Transfer All.” Click the corresponding button.

7. Pick which photos you want uploaded if you chose the “Select and Transfer” option. Otherwise, watch as all the pictures are transferred to the Kodak EasyShare software.

8. View your uploaded photos in your Kodak EasyShare albums.

From Your Computer

9. Double click the “Kodak EasyShare” icon on your computer’s desktop.

10. Select “Add Photos” in the top left corner of the screen.

11. Choose the folder on the computer where the pictures are currently stored.

12. Click the plus sign next to the folder to expand it and see its contents. The photos will appear in a box to the right of the folder names.

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13. Find and select the photos you want to upload to Kodak EasyShare.

14. Hold down the “Control” key to select multiple photos in a specific folder with your mouse.

15. Click the “Add Pictures” button when you are finished making your selections in each folder. You’ll have to upload the contents of one folder before selecting pictures from another folder.

16. Hit the “Done” button when you are done uploading.

17.View your uploaded photos in your Kodak EasyShare albums.