Upload Photos To Facebook From A Motorola Droid

Upload photos to Facebook from your Motorola Droid.

Have you ever been out with friends and taken an amazing photo that you just couldn’t wait to get home and upload to Facebook? You don’t have to wait to get home if you took your picture with your Motorola Droid smartphone. The Droid has the capability to upload your photos directly from your phone to your Facebook page.


1. Turn on your Motorola Droid by pressing the “Power/Unlock” button.

2. Go to the “Applications” menu.

3. Click the “Gallery” icon to go to your pictures and other media on your Droid.

4. Click on the picture folder your picture is stored in.

5. Select the photo you wish to upload to Facebook and tap it.

6. Click the “Menu” button on the bottom keypad.

7. Click “Share” on the onscreen menu that appears.

8. Select “Facebook” from the list of options provided.

9. Add a caption to your photo if you want to do so.

10. Click “Upload.”

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