Upload Movie Files To The Internet

This is an example of what worked for me for uploading to Myspace. This may help a person to upload videos to many more sites.


1. Try to keep the movie file that will be uploaded under 20 MB. These will upload easier without the internet connection timing out. If it is a larger movie file, try to split it up into separate chapters and upload each chapter separately.

(The file might need to be kept smaller for some places that accept videos due to their size limitations).

2. Make sure the video file is compatible with the video upload service chosen to upload the video to. Myspace accepts many formats but others accept only certain types. If there is a need to convert the file to another format, a video editing program that converts movies or a shareware copy of a file converter may be obtained to help change the file type.

3. Before trying step 4, if you have Firefox or can download it for use–it works excellent in combination with the Awesome Uploader they have. I highly recommend this for higher capacity hard drive uploads. It is a must to go right from the description to the Awesome Uploader with this and don’t restore old sessions–that’s I how I lost an upload. It worked great with the recent 8 meg .wmv movie uploaded recently.

If you can’t use Firefox, then proceed to step 4 or if there was success with Firefox, you may be able to ignore parts of steps 4-6.

4. Putting the movie directly on the drive of 1 gigabyte computer I own helped upload the movie more efficiently. However, before that I could upload more easily at times from a 56x CD ROM drive with a 40 gigabyte computer. Either method may work, but the hard drive has to be smaller as it appears the upload rarely works having to upload from the entire contents of a larger drive unless of course it’s a very small movie.

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5. I find that with internet connection programs that have an internal browser it is difficult to upload more than a few seconds of movie footage. See if one can be obtained that opens an external browser such as Internet Explorer. (I use Juno 4.0 on a computer with only a 1 gigabyte drive). You also may need high speed access for the movie to go through.

6. Go online and use the external web browser to navigate to the site of which you are member and use their upload service to upload the movie.

It may not always work right away, but for me it works often enough to upload a few movies. With Myspace, it is more often easier to use the older upload form than the “Awesome Uploader.” Why? The newer one has a tendency to mess with the JavaScript needed to run my high speed access and makes it near impossible to upload much of anything with.