Upload From A Jvc Camcorder To A Mac

While a lot of camcorders record video in DV format, JVC camcorders record video as MOD files. MOD files use an MPEG2-PS encoding for the video files and Dolby Digital AC-3 for the audio, according to File Info. While those files are pretty useless on their own, you can easily convert them to MPEG files on a Mac by simply changing the file extension. If you want to convert them further, you can do so using QuickTime Pro.


1. Place the tape in the JVC camcorder, plug it into the wall with an AC adapter and turn it on. Plug the USB connector cable into the camcorder and into your Mac computer’s USB port.

2. Open the JVC drive that appears on your desktop by double clicking on it. Open the “SD_Video” folder in the drive and drag its contents onto your desktop.

3. Delete all the files that are not MOD files. Click on every MOD file once to highlight the text. Click on it again to edit the text. Change the extensions of each file from MOD to MPEG. Click “Use MPEG” when the dialogue box prompts you to choose an extension.

4. Open QuickTime Pro in your Dock or Applications folder. Select “Open File” from the File menu and choose the MPEG files you just got off of your JVC camcorder. Select “Open.”

5. Choose “Export” from the File menu. Select “Movie to DV Stream” from the Export drop-down menu. Click “Save.”

6. Open iMovie HD on your Mac computer from the Dock or Applications folder. Select “Import” from the File menu. Select the “DV Stream” files and click “Open.” Edit your movies using iMovie HD.

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