Upload A Video Onto The Internet That Is Edited On Movie Maker

Movie Maker provides a simple interface for video editing.

Whether it is a video of a child’s recital, a cute kitten or part of a feature length independent movie, Windows Live Movie Maker provides tools for quick and easy video editing. After the editing is finished, it also provides a simple way to upload those files to a variety of services, such as YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.


1. Click the drop-down menu beside “Home” at the top of Windows Movie Maker.

2. Scroll down to “Publish Movie.”

3. Select the services you wish to publish the video to. You will be prompted to sign in to Windows Live if you have not already done so.

4. Sign in to the service you selected with your account information.

5. Fill out the prompt for information about the project, such as “Title” and “Description” and then select “Publish.” The video will then be available through your account for the specific service used.

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