Upload A Video On Youtube With Avs Editor 5 1

Reach out to your friends with a YouTube video.

AVS Editor 5.1 is a video-editing program used to convert video file formats for viewing videos on different devices such as MP3 Players and smartphones. It can also convert videos for uploading onto YouTube, a favored video-sharing website, which reports to get more than two billion video views each day. Most YouTube videos are uploaded by individual users and so there are rules with respect to the file size and the video formats used when uploading to the site.


1. Launch “AVS Editor 5.1.”

2. Locate the video file you wish to upload to YouTube by clicking “Browse” and finding the file on your hard drive. Click on the video file and press “OK.”

3. Convert the file to an appropriate format for use on YouTube. YouTube currently accepts a wide variety of file formats including .AVI, .MPEG4, .WMV and .FLV as well as others, so consult the “Supported YouTube File Formats” page to check if your video file is compatible with YouTube. If your video file is not currently compatible with YouTube, then select the format you wish to convert it to by selecting one of the tabs at the top of the screen (see Resources).

4. Set the conversion parameters by clicking on the “Profile” drop-down menu and selecting an option suitable for YouTube, such as the audio and video quality and whether or not you want the video to be high definition. To upload a video file to YouTube, it must be less than two gigabytes and shorter than fifteen minutes in duration.

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5. Click “Convert Now” and wait for the file to be converted. Select “Open Folder” from the dialogue box once the conversion is over. This will show you where to find the file on your hard drive, so make a note of it.

6. Open your Web browser and direct yourself to YouTube.

7. Click “Upload” at the top of the page. Sign in to your YouTube account using either your YouTube username or Google Mail name.

8. Select “Upload Video.” Navigate to the file you have just converted and select “Open.”

9. Enter as much information about your video as you can while it uploads. You will be asked to give the video a title, description and tag-words, as well as selecting a category. Click “Save Changes” and wait for the file upload. Uploading time depends upon the size of the file as well as the speed of your Internet connection.