Upload A Video Made From Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a popular video-editing software used by professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike. It is appreciated for its many special effects and editing options, its affordable price and its ease of use after a few simple tutorials. One function you can learn to perform is to upload the finished product (your video) to a website.


Saving the Video

1. Go to File and click “Render As.” A box will pop up. Click on the tab at the very bottom of the box that is marked “Save As Type.” When you click on it, about 20 different video formats will appear in the pull-down menu. Windows Media Video (.wmv) is the most compatible type for uploading onto YouTube, for example.

2. Go to the pull-down menu marked “Template.” You can pick Default Template, or if you have a very slow connection, you can change it to the lowest speed. In the illustration, you can see that the lowest quality is at the top: 28.8 Kbps (Kilobytes Per Second) Video.

3. Alternately, change the quality by clicking on “Custom”–the button next to “Template”–and changing the Video Rendering Quality.

4. Click “Save.” A dialog box will pop up bearing an estimate of how long it will take to save your video.

Uploading to Your Website of Choice

5. Go to the website and click the button on your profile’s home page that is marked “Upload.” (In the example illustrations, we are uploading to Vimeo.)

6. Click “Choose a File to Upload.”

7. Choose your file from “My Documents” or whichever folder you saved it to.

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8. While the video is uploading, give it a name and description, as well as adding a few tags.

9. Click “Save Changes” and then “Go to Video.”

10. Wait the customary few hours before your video is processed (unless you have a pro account or are a member of a website with little traffic, in which case the process will be quicker).