Update Cars For Midnight Club La Dlc

Midnight Club Los Angeles,” a racing game for the Xbox 360, includes the ability for players to download additional content such as new cars. This downloadable content (DLC) comes in the form of “Car Packs” ranging in cost from free to 240 Microsoft Points. These “Car Packs” include vehicles such as police cars, Range Rovers and classic cars. This DLC is purchasable directly from your Xbox 360 with an internet connection and a valid credit card.


1. Turn on your Xbox 360. Sign in with your profile.

2. Navigate to the “Game Marketplace” menu. Select “Explore Game Content.”

3. Select “Browse.”

4. Select “M.” Select “Midnight Club LA” from the list provided.

5. Select the car pack DLC to download.

6. Add Microsoft Points to your account. Press “X.” Select the denomination of points. Select a credit card or add a new card if one is not available. Select “Confirm Download” to begin the download. The DLC will automatically install to the Xbox 360. The cars will be available in your in-game showroom when selecting a vehicle.

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