Ulead Studio System Requirements

Ulead Studio system requirements are outlined on the company’s website.

Ulead Studio is also known as Video Studio and is marketed as a beginner’s digital video editing software program. Although it costs less than $50, the program has many advanced features allowing users to create professionally looking dissolves or cross fades, special effects and graphics. A user will want to study the minimum system requirements closely to make sure her computer can adequately handle the demands of the software without crashing or freezing up.


Ulead Studio was created to run only on PCs. Keith Underdahl in his book “Digital Video for Dummies,” advises that the faster the processor used the better a video editing program will work. Ulead says that, at minimum, a system needs to have an Intel Core Duo T 2400 running at 1.83 GHz or a Athlon 64X2 3800+ made by chip maker AMD, with a processing speed of 2.0 GHz or higher.

Operating System

Video Studio will run only on a Windows operating system. As of 2010, four versions of Windows will run the editing program: Windows 7; Windows XP SP3 Home Edition/Professional; Windows XP Media Center; Windows Vista. The program will work with Windows Vista’s new touchscreen technology.

Random Access Memory

Random access memory (RAM) temporarily stores digital information you are working on so you can access it easily. The more RAM on a computer the more programs and files you can use at the same time. If a computer has too little RAM it will cause the video to freeze or the program to stop working. Ulead says the minimum amount of RAM needed is 1 GB (gigabyte), but recommends 2 GB or more.

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Other Hardware

Ulead recommends the computer monitor have at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution. The system also needs a Windows compatible sound card. The user will also need a DVD reader to install the program and a DVD recordable drive to make copies of her movies. A high-speed Internet connection is also required to download any software updates or share video online.