Ulead Photoimpact Tutorial

Find out edit your digital photos with Ulead’s PhotoImpact software.

Digital photo editors can help you drastically improve your digital photos, implementing simple tools to adjust the aesthetics of your photos. And even if you’re new to digital photography, the intuitive nature of most photo editing programs will allow you to get great result quickly. Using Ulead’s PhotoImpact software, you can fine-tune the quality of bad photos or spice up bland pictures with artistic effects.


1. Launch Ulead Photoimpact. Click on the “File” heading in the top left corner of the program. Select the “Open” option from the drop-down menu that appears, to import photos from your computer or select the “Digital Camera” option to import files from your camera.

2. Click on the “Standard Selection Tool”–located near the top left corner of Photoimpact–to crop your image. Drag your cursor across the image to select the portion your wish to keep, and then click on the “Crop” option (Edit > Crop).

3. Adjust your image’s orientation using the “Rotate and Flip” option. Click on the “Edit” heading, navigate down to the “Rotate and Flip” option and then select an image orientation option–such as “Rotate Left 90°” or “Flip Vertically”–from “Rotate and Flip” sub-menu.

4. Click on the “Adjust” heading at the top of the program. Use the options under the Adjust heading, such as “Threshold” or “Equalize,” to tweak your image’s quality. You can also select the one of the “Auto-Process” adjustments if you’d rather not tweak your image’s quality manually.

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5. Click on the “Effects” heading to add effects to your image. Navigate down the drop-down menu below the “Effects heading. Move your cursor over an effects category, such as “Artistic” or “Distort,” and then select an effect from the sub-menu that appears.

6. Click on the “Save” option in the top left corner of the program to save a copy of the edited photo.