Ulead Failed Performing Power Calibration

Ulead’s DVD MovieFactory is software that can produce ready-to-go DVDs in conjunction with a high-fidelity DVD burner. The user can create menus and tracks within the software, such as those found in store-bought DVDs. However, if there is a problem with either the user’s computer or media drive, the software may not function properly.

Bad Meda Drive

Power calibration can fail in any DVD authoring software if there is a compatibility issue between the software itself and the computer’s media drive. This can occur if the drive is damaged. But more often, it is due to outdated drivers. Drivers are the media drive’s internal software. They facilitate smooth communication between the computer’s CPU and the device itself. Usually, your media drive will come with a user’s guide that will provide instructions for updating the driver.

Writing Errors

The Ulead software can generate the power calibration error if the disk being written to can not be properly read. The software will instruct your media drive to attempt to write to the disk up to 100 times before generating an error. Unfortunately, a writing error of this nature can be the disk itself, the media drive, or a combination of the two. Replace the disk with one that you are absolutely sure is new, and try again.

SVCD Support

This error is frequently given when the user is attempting to burn a DVD in SVCD format. But the media drive itself does not support it. SVCD is a relatively low-resolution format that burns quickly, but does not yet enjoy widespread support. If you are getting this error while attempting to burn to this format, consult your media drive’s user guide or support website to confirm that it supports it.

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Issues With Firmware

Every media drive contains internal operating instructions in the form of machine code or some other low-level programming language. This code is known as “firmware.” Firmware is independent of the Ulead software, but can become incompatible with it if it has not been updated for some time. Not surprisingly, using outdated firmware with Ulead or any other DVD authoring software will give rise to all sorts of errors. To resolve this issue, simply consult with your media drive manufacturer to determine whether you’ve missed any firmware updates. Remember to restart your computer after updating firmware for the changes to take effect.