Tutorial For Editing With Powerdirector

Tutorial for Editing With PowerDirector

PowerDirector is an editing program designed for a multitude of users, ranging from beginner editors to expert editors. Ease of use and design make PowerDirector a fun program to experiment with to enhance and edit your home movies. Once you learn the basics of using PowerDirector, you’ll be able to put together an impressive home movie in a matter of minutes.


1. Connect your video camera to your computer and turn it on.

2. Open PowerDirector and click on the “Capture” button on the top of the screen. Click on the “Capture from HDV Device” button to open the HDV capture window. Find the section(s) of video you would like to important using the playback buttons and click on the “Record” button to import the video into PowerDirector. Click on the “Stop” button when you have imported the desired section.

3. Click on the “Edit” tab and drag the icon of the footage you have imported into the timeline at the bottom of the PowerDirector window. Move your mouse to the point of the footage you would like to cut. Click on “Split” and your footage will be split into two pieces. Continue to split or cut your footage and delete any parts that you don’t want to use, until all that’s left is footage you would like to appear in your home movie. Note: Leave an extra second or so at the beginning and end of each section of footage to allow for transitions.

4. Organize your trimmed footage by dragging the remaining movie sequences in your timeline into any order you desire. Click on the “Transition” tab on the left panel. Select any transition type you wish and place it between two scenes you would like to transition into one another on your timeline. Repeat this until all your scenes are linked by transition effects.

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5. Click on the “Effects” tab on the left panel. Choose an effect from the wide variety available and drag it onto whichever scene you would like to enhance or stylize. Click on the “Title” tab and create credits or titles. Drag your creations into the place you would like them to appear in your movie.

6. Experiment with the various effects, titles and transition to create a highly stylized and personalized viewing experience. Save your project when you’re finished.