Turn Off The Ken Burns Effect In Imovie Hd

The iMovie HD video editing application is compatible with the Macintosh operating system and allows you to edit home movies. You can edits specific video clips by cutting out sections, adding sections, effects or titles. You can create a slide show of pictures and utilize the Ken Burns Effect feature to add motion to your photos as well. However, you can also turn off this feature at any time using the Photo Settings window that is available when you add your pictures.


1. Open the iMovie HD application on your computer. Click on the “File” option from the top toolbar menu and then select the “Open” option.

2. Find the iMovie Project that you want to add photos to and turn the Ken Burns effects off. Select the file and click on the “Open” button.

3. Click on the “Media” button and the click on the “Photos” option from the top Media navigation pane.

4. Select the photos you want to add from your iPhoto library or any other folders on your computer. The Photo Settings window will then appear in the application.

5. Click on the “Photo Settings” button from the top toolbar if the Photo Settings window doesn’t appear.

6. Click on the box next to the “Ken Burns Effect” field so that it is deselected. Click on the “Apply” button and the Ken Burns Effect will be turned off.

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