Turn A Wmv File Into A Still Picture

Turn a WMV File Into a Still Picture

WMV, or Windows Media Video, is a video format designed mainly for use in Windows Media Player, though it is compatible with other media players and video-editing applications as well. Like other video files, WMVs are made up of thousands of still images, or frames, placed back-to-back to create the video. If you would like to use a clip from a WMV movie file as a still picture, you can capture any frame from the movie and save it as an image file.


Capture the FrameOpen.” When the window comes up, find the WMV file in its folder on your hard drive and double-click it.

3. Use the slider beneath the Windows Media Player screen to find the frame in the video that you want to turn into a still picture. To find the frame, click the pause button to pause the video, and then click on the gray pointer on the slider and hold the mouse button while dragging the pointer to the left or right.

4. Do a print of the computer screen. On a Windows computer, press “Shift+PrtSc.” To print the screen on a Mac, press “Command+Shift+3.”

5. Launch any photo editor you have on your computer. Photo editors that can turn the print screen into a still image include Photoshop, Gimp and Paint Shop.

6. Start a new project in the photo editor by going to “File>New.” Leave the dimensions at the default, as most photo editors automatically default to the size of an item that is stored on the clipboard, which in this case is the print screen you just took.

7. Go to the “Edit” menu and select “Paste.” A copy of the screen as it appeared when you took the print screen appears on the canvas, with the frame from the movie appearing in the media player on the screen.

8. Choose the “Crop” tool in the editor by clicking the tool on the toolbar. Click at one corner of the movie frame, hold down the mouse button, and drag the mouse to make a box around the entire movie frame. Click the “Crop” tool on the toolbar again and press the “Crop” button on the confirmation window that appears to crop the photo so that only the movie frame is left.

9. Go to “File>Save As” to save the frame from the WMV file as a still picture. Use the pull-down menu by “Save as type” and select either “JPEG” or “GIF.” Type a name for the still picture in the box provided, choose a folder for the picture to save to in the main window, and click “Save.”

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