Troubleshooting The Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360 Controller Connection

The “Guitar Hero 3” controller connects to the Xbox 360 console using a wireless connection. The controller must be synced to the console in order to function. There are a few objects that can interfere with the controller connection. Connection issues might also be resolved by re-syncing the controller to the console. The best way to troubleshoot the connection is by eliminating the easiest issues first.


1. Move so that the “Guitar Hero 3″ controller is within about twenty feet of the console. The effective range of the wireless connection is thirty feet. Moving too far away from the console can cause the wireless connection to be broken.

2. Move away from any metal furniture in the room. The controller connection may experience interference from these objects if the controller is within two feet of one.

3. Replace the batteries in the guitar controller with two new AA batteries. Weak batteries can be strong enough to allow the controller to turn on but be weak enough to sever the controller connection randomly. Changing the batteries will fix this possible issue.

4. Press the sync button on the Xbox 360 console. This is the small, unmarked button next to the memory card slot. The green lights around the power button will begin to flash.

5. Press the sync button on the guitar controller. This is the small round button located near the bottom strap peg of the guitar. The green lights around the Xbox button on the controller will begin to flash.

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6. Wait for the lights to stop flashing on the control and the guitar controller. This indicates the controller and console are in sync. The wireless connection between the Xbox 360 console and “Guitar Hero 3” controller will now function.