Troubleshoot The Avid Xpress Pro And The Canopus Edius

Avid Xpress Pro is a condensed version of the Avid video editing software and hardware. Although it does not have all of the editing and effect features that Avid Media Composer or Avid Symphony Nitris have, it is suitable for those looking for high-end work without fancy cutting and effect tools. When uploading or exporting footage with Avid Express Pro, you need a suitable video card, such as the Canopus Edius, which has multiple video connection options and outputs. However, if the Avid programming is not reading the hardware, you need to troubleshoot the connection and determine what is causing the problem.


1. Install the driver that came with the Canopus Edius video card. Without the driver, Avid is unable to detect and use the equipment. Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of the computer, then follow the prompts of the installation wizard once it loads onto the screen.

2. Check the video cable connection running from the video source to the card. If the cable is not completely inserted into both the video card and device, Avid is not going to detect the equipment.

3. Power on the video source after loading Avid. If you power it on before loading the software, it may not detect the video equipment.

4. Connect the Avid dongle into one of the USB ports on the computer. While using Avid Xpress Pro, you must have the provided dongle inserted, otherwise you are unable to use the video editing software.

5. Select the “Export” or “Capture” option from the Avid menu (depending on what task you wish to perform). Click the pull-down menu under the device option, then select “Search.” This allows Avid to connect directly to the video source you have connected to the Canopus Edius card.

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