Troubleshoot Kworld Usb Video

The KWorld USB video device is a small USB drive, slightly larger than a USB flash drive, that gives your computer an instant connection to television programming. However, the device can run into some slight issues when connecting to a TV signal. These issues are not terribly difficult to correct with just a few short troubleshooting steps.


1. Check the connection of your KWorld USB video device. Make sure it is in the exact same USB port you first used when connecting the device. This is because the drivers you install for the video product are only specific for the particular USB port.

2. Connect the antenna provided into the small connection port on the end of the KWorld USB video device. Without the antenna you cannot receive any programming. However, even if you have the antenna connected it is very weak, so you will not receive very strong reception.

3. Insert the driver installation CD into the CD drive of the computer. If you changed the USB port or are using a different computer, you must install the drivers again. In a moment the driver installation wizard appears on the screen. Follow the brief prompts to install the driver onto the computer.

4. Install the software provided with the KWorld USB video device. Without the program installed onto the computer you cannot receive any video. Insert the software installation CD into the computer and the installation wizard loads. Follow the prompts to install the driver. Once installed you can begin using the program and KWorld USB video device.

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